Dodge invited to exhibit in Masterpieces in Miniature


Masterpieces in Miniature - This  invitational art show presented by "Picture This Gallery" in Sherwood Park, Alberta features the original artwork of over 50  invited artists of stature from across North America. The term "miniature" is used to describe the size of the original paintings eleven by fourteen inches or smaller. . . .actually, this will be the only part of the show described as "miniature" considering the credentials of these participating artists. 

About the invited artists . . . 

Many of these artists are in high demand so their artwork can be difficult to acquire. One of the main reasons that their artwork is so sought after is because of their talent as they are regularly selected to participate in large Art gallery exhibits or museum shows  which can take a large time commitment and resources to prepare for. With the Masterpieces in Miniature show the invited artists only have to submit 1 piece with a maximum of 2 compared to 15 - 20 pieces for a large gallery or museum show

About the show  . . . the selection is truly amazing and you don't have to travel all over North America to view original paintings by these talented artists you get to see them all in one location. . . .because of the size of the original art pieces and through the goodwill of these talented artists ... YOU will have the opportunity to purchase one of their one-of-a-kind ORIGINAL  works of art at the miniature price!

The artists have set the price and are being very reasonable especially when you check out their credentials. The prices for their larger original paintings are substantially more and in speaking with many of the artists,smaller paintings can take just as much time to paint as a larger piece.

Artwork that does not have an intention to purchase form in its draw box after the public drawing will immediately become available on a “first come first served basis” for a very limited period of time.

Visit for more info to view the exhibit on line once it is posted.