Dodge Galapagos Exhibition Marks the One Year Anniversary of AFC Flag Expedition #10. (2010)

October 2010 marked a career milestone for Canadian Artist Kelly Dodge. A solo exhibition of paintings inspired by Kelly's Artists for Conservation Flag Expedition to Galapagos in the fall of 2009, was unveiled for the first time, in it's entirety, at The Lindsay Gallery, the only public gallery in the City of Kawartha Lakes. This celebration marked the one year anniversary of Kelly's 'forty days and forty nights' on the extraordinary islands.  Visitors were the first to have the opportunity to see this major exhibition of over 20 originals inspired by Kelly's AFC Flag Expedition to one of the world's last true wilderness environments.  Kelly's artistic career began in 2001 with her first professional exhibition.  Later in that same year Kelly was elected as a member with the Artist's for Conservation (AFC) Foundation whose members are many of today's most recognized artists in the nature and wildlife genres.  A highlight of her career has been the prestigious AFC Flag Expedition Fellowship enabling her to travel to the Galapagos Islands. These fellowships make possible the artistic field study of unique and threatened habitats and rare or endangered species in remote regions of the world.  Kelly is the 10th artist to be selected by the AFC and only the second Canadian to receive the award. She acted as an ambassador for AFC throughout the journey, and proudly carried their expedition flag.  Wildlife depicted in this body of work includes endangered and vulnerable marine iguanas, Galapagos sea lions, San Cristobal and Espanola mockingbirds, the famous Galapagos giant tortoises as well as a plethora of other unique species endemic to Galapagos. Overall this exhibit is a unique visual journey which gives visitors the opportunity to walk with Kelly through each of the 11 islands she explored while at the same time raising awareness of the challenges faced in Galapagos - challenges common to the entire world.  The expedition has already attracted much media attention - with articles appearing in a variety of publications including a recent article in Britains only Wildlife Art magazine, Wildscape. Copies of the September issue featuring Kellys AFC Flag Expedition were available throughout the exhibition. The Artists for Conservation Foundation have also chosen Kelly's expedition to to feature in their recent series of international advertisements promoting the organization and the upcoming launch of their new groundbreaking website.  The original journal, painstakingly kept by Kelly during her expedition, was carefully displayed in an acrylic case however as an added enhancement, guests had the opportunity to peruse and purchase the recently released deluxe leather-bound limited edition journal, of just 100 copies. Published by the AFC,  these collector items are of exceptional quality, and reproduce Kelly's journal in its entirety.   Each book measures approximately 15" x 11 1/2" horizontal - large enough to display a full colour two-page spread of the journal on each page at nearly full-size.   It has a windowed black leather cover, and is printed on ultra-heavy paper stock.  Purchasers of the journal will not only treasure this unique record of Kelly's Flag Expedition, but at the same time will be supporting the AFC Foundation and future Flag Expeditions.  The books are priced at US$395.00 (plus shipping and any applicable taxes), and can be ordered by contacting the AFC directly at  Kelly is proud to present this major exhibition of work in conjunction with The Lindsay Gallery.  The expediton runs through to October 23rd.  For more information please visit Kelly's event calendar at  * Special Feature Presentation *  In conjunction with the Lindsay Gallery, Fleming College's School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences - one of Canada's leading environmental education institutions, has invited Kelly to present in their theatre on October 5th! To join Kelly to learn about the wonders and challenges of the many species she encountered during her Artists for Conservation Flag Expedition please visit Kelly's event calendar at