Dodge in AFC inaugural 2011 Environmental Calendar

Dodge's image "Where's Waldo?", depicting threatened Galapagos Marine Iguanas and a Small Ground Finch has been chosen for inclusion in the 2011 Artists for Conservation inaugural environmental calendar to represent the month of September!  In the fall of 2009 Dodge was privileged to study these species in their natural habitat as the recipient of the 10th fellowship of the Artists for Conservation Flag Expedition program.  This unique calendar highlights key environmental dates, elevating awareness of critical environmental concerns.  Both beautiful and informative, it makes a superb gift to anyone who appreciates art and nature. $1.00 from the sale of each calendar will benefit the Wildlife Conservation Society.  Artists for Conservation Signature Members whose work has been selected for inclusion in the AFC's inaugural Environmental Calendar are:  Grant Hacking (USA), Dr. Jeremy Paul (UK),  Alan M. Hunt (UK), Guy Harvey (USA), Cindy House (USA),  Morton Solberg (USA), James Coe (USA), Hans Kappel (Germany),  Karen Laurence-Rowe (Kenya), Kelly Dodge (Canada),  John Seerey-Lester (USA),  Pollyanna Pickering (UK),  Anni Crouter (USA)