Change: An Artist's Perspective (2010)

 Dodge has been invited to participate in Change: An Artist's Perspective, hosted by the Algonquin Art Centre, Canada's leading wildlife and wilderness gallery.  Artists in Algonquin Park represent an invaluable part of Canada's cultural heritage. From Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven to Robert Bateman and Michael Dumas, artists of all types have ventured into the region to explore its colourful and diverse landscape through their art. In doing so they have established one of the most celebrated legacies in the Canadian arts.  Each year, the Algonquin Art Centre develops new themes which have ranged from artist's trips to the Park interior to wolf studies.  This year, they have tried something completely different and are delighted to introduce Change: An Artist's Perspective. With environmental issues weighing more and more on the international conscience, and with the 2010 G8 summit being held right outside Algonquin Park, the AAC has decided to take an innovative approach to one of the summit's central issues: environmental change.  "Since change has become a significant environmental and political issue in recent years," explains Doug Irwin, the owner and operator of the gallery,  "we thought that a show which explores an artist's perspective of change on an international scale would deepen our understanding of what change means as it relates both to the environment and to people themselves.  Our show is about more than raising awareness of environmental change: it's about showing visitors what artists see in the natural world, about educating them on the relations between artists and the environment, and about introducing them to new and interesting perspectives. After all, as the environment changes, so do people, and so do their relations with the world around them. Our artists have submitted outstanding works which explore this theme, and this year's show, I believe, will be one of the best and most provocative ones yet."  Dodge has been exhibiting with the Algonquin Gallery since 2001 and has recently returned from her travels to the Galapagos Islands. As the 10th award recipient of the Artists for Conservation Flag Expedition Fellowship she spent 40 days studying, sketching and photographing the unique animals and plants of the archipelago.  She is busy reliving her experience in the studio while creating a body of work inspired by her experience.   Dodge is honoured to be included as one of the featured artists and writers for this innovative exhibit at the Algonquin Art Centre and invites you to take part in this legacy by visiting this nationally acclaimed gallery to discover the nature of art. To read more about Kelly's AFC flag expedition and to view both photos and video you can link to her blog at  For more information about the Algonquin Art Centre please visit