April Solo Exhibition/Art Appreciation Seminars (2006)

Solo exhibition by Canadian Artist Kelly Dodge at the Lindsay Public gallery integrates "Art Appreciation" Seminars and Workshops for Elementary and Secondary school students.  The Lindsay Gallery, through the assistance of the Ontario Arts Council, has developed a program of visual arts education opportunities for secondary and elementary school students that will take place outside the classroom, but within the regular school day, and following the guidelines of the Ontario curriculum.  The purpose of this art education program is to provide and encourage access to a public gallery, and develop awareness of the role a public gallery and professional artists play in our community by bringing students of all grade levels into a exhibition venue to interact with the exhibiting artist.  It will also explore creativity through workshops integrated with the exhibit. When a child is introduced to the accessibility of the visual arts, and encouraged to participate, he/she is more likely to explore avenues for creative expression independently, and will employ artistic expression more freely in their regular classroom activities.  This program will enable students to meet artist Kelly Dodge during her exhibit. Dodge will conduct the "art appreciation" component, followed with a two hour hands on workshop downstairs with another instructor, followed again with another visit upstairs in the gallery to discuss what they have created or learned and how it relates to the exhibit. Dodge's exhibit "All Things Bright and Beautiful" runs from April 1 to May 2, 2006. Opening reception, Friday, March 31, 7 - 9 p.m.