Canadian artist Kelly Dodge’s first exhibition marked the beginning of a fast rising career that garnered both national and international recognition. She is a signature member of the Artists for Conservation and was awarded signature status with both the Pastel Society of America and the Society of Animal Artists. She has received the AFC Medal of Excellence twice in recognition of extraordinary artwork and and was deemed an ‘Artist of Note’ by Wildlife Art magazine. A career highlight was being awarded the prestigious AFC Flag Expedition Fellowship enabling her to travel to the Galapagos Islands for the purposes of artistic field research.  In recent years, Kelly has been exploring traditional techniques in oil painting to create contemporary paintings in the classical realist style.


“Kelly’s use of medium is noteworthy, not only in the sense of achieving a personal style, but also from the perspective of a technique that is decisive, and demonstrates a confidence that only comes with mastering one’s medium coupled with an intimate knowledge of the chosen subject matter. Both attributes are a testimony to a commitment to quality and authenticity that Kelly arrives at as a direct extension of her innate personality.”

Michael Dumas, Artist, Author, Naturalist


“The world of Kelly Dodge has a freshness and brilliance that lifts her above a quite crowded sea of wildlife artists. She uses her materials with a clarity and deftness that leaves me shaking my head.  Her love of nature goes to a deeper level resulting in an almost magical relationship with the creatures she paints.“

Robert Bateman, Artist, Environmentalist, Naturalist. 


“Kelly is an extraordinary artist, explorer, naturalist and humanitarian. She is gifted with an uncanny ability to connect directly with her wildlife subjects, whether it is in her own backyard or in a remote island conservancy. Through her artwork, she enlightens and inspires us with the beauty of the natural world as she sees it.”

Jeffrey Whiting - President and Founder for Artists for Conservation Foundation


“Kelly Dodge has featured in Wildscape Magazine U.K. on a number of occasions. Kelly’s sensitive insight an interpretations of the animals, birds and other wildlife that feature in her paintings, creatures she has encountered both at home and on field trips to more exotic locations, has brought her a well deserved standing within the ranks of those artists working in the wildlife genre.”

Ken Stroud - Artist,  Editor, Wildscape Magazine, U.K.