One Life One Home

One Life One Home | Wallhanging by Rebecca Richman | Artists for Conservation

One Life One Home

28.00" H x 20.00" W
Year Completed:
Sentience of the Earth
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$2,999 USD

In this painting, the night sky beckons us and the universe embraces our planet with a quiet stillness. The Earth, represented by the circle, is safely nestled among the stars, basking in the sparkling brilliance all around.

Within the circle is the Tree of Life and between the leaves and branches of the seasons, we see 18 creatures from all over the world; bar-headed goose, arctic fox, southern minke whale, saiga, poison-dart frog, cushion star, fairy basslet, river jewelwing damselfly, ruby-topaz hummingbird, glanville fritillary, giant tortoise, honey bee, amazon river dolphin, sturgeon, chameleon, tragopan, lammergeier, and atlantic salmon. These life forms have been placed in the space between branches to highlight the delicate interrelationships that connect us all.

The great sea flows in rhythm and a gentle stream dances playfully; our beautiful waters nurturing all life on Earth. Opening from the circle, we see rounded doors inviting and welcoming us home. The sky becomes the sea and the clouds become continents; all in perfect balance and harmony.

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