Home for Spring Aspen & Evergreens

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Home for Spring Aspen & Evergreens

20.50" H x 14.00" W
Mixed media (Watercolor & Pastel)
Year Completed:
Aspen & Evergreen Trees
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Artist will donate 5% to Nature Conservancy (International) from sale of this work.
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$1,999 USD

Looking up into the treetops of a pretty mountain forest, the bright spring greens of new aspen leaves and soft fresh tips of the evergreens enliven our senses. The new growth inspires us as we breathe in this beautiful moment.

When you pick up a leaf and look closely at its veins, do you see the structure of a tree? In an aspen leaf, the main stem or vein looks like the tree trunk with primary branches extending from it, and smaller branches from those. The whole tree pattern is displayed in its leaves!

And have you ever noticed the Fibonacci spiral in a tree’s branch arrangement or the bracts of an evergreen cone? This spiral with its unique numerical sequence is a blueprint seen throughout nature in the petals of a rose, tree buds in early spring, seashells on a beach, and the shape of entire galaxies in the night sky. The same pattern in a tree is perfect so new growth does not block the older branches from sunlight and this spiral makes efficient use of rainfall which is directed down to the roots.

In my painting, Home for Spring Aspen & Evergreens, I’ve highlighted tree patterns in the aspen leaves and spirals in the spruce, fir, and pine cones. Each is a symbol of infinite renewal and growth. Spending time in a beautiful forest renews our souls too, and lifts our spirits higher as we linger there with the trees. We take a deep breath of the fresh clean air, and we are present in the peaceful harmony of nature.

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