Home for Sage Grouse

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Home for Sage Grouse

14.00" H x 10.00" W
Mixed media (Watercolor & Pastel)
Year Completed:
Gunnison Sage Grouse
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Artist will donate 5% to Nature Conservancy (International) from sale of this work.
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$1,599 USD

It was still pitch black outside and I was doing my best to stay warm. There we were, nature lovers and birders, huddled in the viewing trailer…waiting. We met up at 4:00 am to carpool to the site, and if we were lucky and quiet enough, hopefully we’d catch a glimpse of this very rare bird. After what seemed like forever, the sun finally began to peek over the ridge. The light created sparkles of color on the dew-covered sage. Off in the distance, I thought I heard the mating call, and then I was able to see them through the scope!

I had signed up for a field trip with Sisk-a-dee, an organization focused on protecting the endangered Gunnison sage grouse and its habitat. “Sisk-a-dee” is a Shoshone word for this grouse which is a Native American symbol for “the rhythm of life”. As you view this painting, see the two males in their elaborate courtship dance to win over the beautiful hen nearby. See five more grouse who are one with the sagebrush forest. Let’s preserve this special habitat and keep huge swaths of wild places…wild; in balance and harmony, and in tune with the rhythm of life.

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