Home for Butterflies

Home for Butterflies | Wallhanging by Rebecca Richman | Artists for Conservation

Home for Butterflies

10.00" H x 14.00" W
Mixed media (Watercolor & Pastel)
Year Completed:
Butterflies, Wildflowers
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Artist will donate 5% to Nature Conservancy (International) from sale of this work.
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$1,599 USD

Butterflies! These delicate, yet mighty creatures are such a wonder! They’re fondly referred to as flying flowers and I can understand why. Butterflies display so many vivid colors and patterns, and up close their wings have a subtle shimmer just like flower petals. They’re light as a feather and ever graceful as they drift on a warm summer breeze, yet hardy enough to weather a rain shower.

Butterflies, like bees and moths, are incredibly important to the pollination of our diverse plant kingdom. It’s not an exaggeration to say that all life depends on pollinators to fertilize the world’s flowers, enabling seeds to form and plants to reproduce.

In my painting, Home for Butterflies, these wildflowers are some of my favorites. Columbine, sage, milkweed, and asters all flourish due to our pollinators. And in turn, black and tiger swallowtails, cabbage whites and clouded sulphurs thrive because of our native wildflowers. What a beautiful relationship!

The amazing connection between plants and butterflies is celebrated in this image; the butterfly wing surrounding pockets of pretty wildflowers within the intricate butterfly form. All one in the unity of life!

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