Estero Reflections

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Estero Reflections

10.00" H x 29.00" W
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Sea of Cortez Estero
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he word “estero” means estuary in Spanish; an estuary is a tidal inlet of the sea. Depending on the time of day and the tide, different creatures are active. On one visit to the estero, I watched a group of little egrets feeding on small fish. Two long-billed curlews accompanied them. Many shorebirds depend on mangrove estuaries not only to provide food, but as a safe place to nest and raise their young. So much bounty in this coastal nursery!

During my visit to San Carlos, I was lucky enough to be guided by Dr. Rick Brusca, marine biologist and conservation ecologist extraordinaire. When we ventured into the mangroves, I was amazed at the incredible diversity of invertebrates everywhere. In this painting, I highlight one very beautiful crustacean, the blue crab. Its scientific name, Callinectes sapidus, means “beautiful savory swimmer”. Blue crabs connected to mangroves, mangroves connected to estuaries; all beautifully in balance.

Among its many gifts, the estuary’s shallow water is a safe haven for fish to lay their eggs; where fingerlings can hatch and grow. I saw small schools of fish everywhere, especially during low tide. No wonder this was such a magnet for bird life! The mangroves themselves were quite amazing, too. In this painting I highlight the red mangrove, and the sweet mangrove which exists nowhere else but the Gulf of California. As Dr. Brusca and I tromped around in the mud and thick mangrove stands, I learned about the specific role these plants have as filters of salt water, assimilating and dissolving nutrients. Mangroves benefit the environment by actually improving water quality. How awesome!

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