Desert Waves

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Desert Waves

10.00" H x 29.00" W
Year Completed:
Sea of Cortez
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Mystery flotsam is a life form that is actually unidentifiable to scientists. I found these tiny, transparent “creatures” absolutely fascinating during my daily walks along the beach. To show scale in this painting, I’ve placed a flotsam next to one tip of one toe of a willet footprint. That's how small they are!

As I watched the waves roll in and then fall back into the beautiful sea, I saw interesting patterns left behind in the sand that mirrored the outlines of the surrounding desert mountains. See how each of these three images is connected to the next by continuous lines of sea and sand. In nature, there are mirrors and connections everywhere if you look closely. ​Footprints of willets connect scale. Grains of sand create ecosystems. Waves create mountains.

In my painting, Desert Waves, it’s a matter of scale. The tiniest of the tiny connected to the largest of the large; like mystery flotsam connected to the sea or grains of sand to mountains. Biological diversity is alive in the tiny, and it’s alive in the massive.

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