Koala Comfort

Koala Comfort | Wallhanging by Paula Wiegmink | Artists for Conservation

Koala Comfort

76.00cm H x 91.50cm W
Acrylic (on stretched canvas )
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Artist will donate 100% to Australian Koala Foundation from sale of this work.
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$2,500 USD

The recent bush fires in Australia over many months has caused catastrophic devastation to both wildlife and the environment.

The images and videos circulating on social media caused so much heartache and a feeling of helplessness for this iconic species, among many others. I live in Western Australia on the opposite side of the country where the raging fires surged on, relentlessly flattening everything in its path. Although fires occur regularly every year during summer, this year the size and area covered was unprecedented.


Koala ( Phascolarctos cinereus) are marsupials and are inaccurately known as a koala bear. Koalas give birth to underdeveloped joeys which stay in the mothers pouch for the next 6 to 7 months or until fully weaned around a year old. Koalas are slow moving and spend the majority of time asleep digesting their food.


I hope my painting inspired by these recent events in some way is comforting to those many people all over the world who responded with such speed and generosity. Not only financially, but sewing pouches and mittens for the stricken animals. Australia thanks you one and all.......


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