Nature Connected

For the past year I have been working on a new collection of 24 works in preparation for an upcoming exhibition.


Date: 2nd - 18th September 2023

Venue: The Studio Gallery, 7 Marrinup Rd, Yallingup, Western Australia

Artists Statement

Throughout my life, I have always had some kind of connection with nature. Starting my journey in remote parts of Africa surrounded by wildlife and the natural world, established an acute awareness of my environment.

From big game and large raptors to the horses, sheep and dogs on the farm who all formed an integral part of my everyday life.

My art practice over the years has

evolved, incorporating many varied genres including portraits, large animals, still life, landscapes and birds.

This collection of work was started by searching for objects of interest which either evoked a memory or inspired me in some other way. Either the textures, colours, shapes or stories communicated some kind of emotional or visual response.

Every bird was carefully selected to form a harmonious link, conveying either a thought or meaningful suggestion. By fusing inanimate objects with wildlife is symbolic of our coexistence and the connection in our lives, collectively; past, present and future.

Sue and I have worked and exhibited together for many years. Our harmonious relationship and mutual connection to nature has given us a wonderful platform to express our creativity in a meaningful way.

We are both exceptionally lucky and grateful to have a wonderful gallerist like Sandy who has encouraged, promoted and assisted with the development of this collaborative exhibition, keeping ‘Nature Connected’.

Paula Wiegmink 2023