SAY NO Campaign

When I received a phone call from Duke Ingram asking me if I wanted to be a part of the second chapter of the BESUREIS SAY NO educational awareness campaign addressing animal experiments, there was no hesitation on my part. 

During this conversation the concept for my painting just “popped into my head” so to speak.

First Rhino On the Moon

It is with great excitement that I announce that my TV Art Documentary, produced by Put Some Colour in Your Life, will be heading to the moon with SpaceX and NASA on their mission in 2024, to lie in perpetuity for future generations in a time capsule!

I am especially thrilled as my episode highlighted the plight of the rhino and gave me a platform to draw attention to our endangered species and the fragility of the environment on planet earth.

Meeting Jane

Its not every day that ones gets to tick off the old bucket list!

I had the good fortune of receiving an official invitation to attend the 2019 Roots & Shoots Awards event in London, UK in March last year.

I was beyond thrilled and couldn't wait to meet this iconic Dr Jane Goodall in person.

I managed to get a flight on the new Dreamliner non stop flight from Perth, Western Australia to Heathrow airport. Flying for just over 16 hours non stop one way was quite an experience in itself.

Free your soul and fly

Feature article published June 2017 issue 18 in Creatice Artist magazine with a demo of title: 'G'day mate' acrylic on canvas

On top of the world at Grouse Mountain


When I was recently invited to exhibit my painting ‘To the Point’ with Artists for Conservation, in Vancouver, Canada, I was absolutely delighted! The painting had to be stretched, packed and sent off on another exciting journey. This painting  has opened so many doors for me and taken me on such an incredible journey.