The Artist

"Zimbabwe born Paula had the privilege of growing up surrounded by the African bush. Her early childhood was greatly influenced by her natural surroundings. The isolation and vast open spaces a catalyst for exploration, creating an acute awareness of the diversity of this land.Now resident in Dunsborough, South Western Australia, she continues to express her deep relationship with the wonders of the natural world though her art challenging the onlooker to engage and hopefully become more aware of their incredible heritage.Deeply affected by the wanton destruction of the wild dog, elephant and rhino species particularly in Africa, gave her the incentive and drive to become actively involved with a global awareness poster campaign which was launched in London
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Having the privilege of growing up in Africa surrounded by bush and abundant wildlife, stimulated Paula's creativity from a very early age. To evoke an emotional response by creating awareness through visual stimulation is what motivates her as an artist. Drawing attention to the fragility of our environment by creating images not only of the beauty in nature but also the ongoing war against wildlife crime, is the driving factor for Paula's dedication.

Recent Artwork