The Artist

"I am an artist captivated by the wonders of nature, striving to capture the beauty and complexity of creatures in my paintings. By freezing moments in time, I aim to share the emotions of awe and reverence I experience when observing the natural world. My art serves as a reminder of the incredible diversity of life on Earth and a testament to the importance of preserving these marvels for generations to come. Through my paintings, I hope to inspire a deeper connection between people and the outdoors, fostering a greater appreciation for the creatures that share our planet. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Rebecca Latham, an award winning American artist, is internationally known for her depth of realism and lavishly detailed paintings of wildlife and nature.  Through her paintings, inspired by her own experiences, the artist strives to capture the magic and beauty of the animal and inspire an appreciation of our natural world.

Recent Artwork