I work with oils or acrylics specializing in depicting the natural beauty of my surroundings. Much of my passion to paint came from early childhood influences, such as studying the art of revered artist Robert Bateman. Watching episodes of Jacques Cousteau served as kindling for the intense desire to capture the spirit ever so delicate in nature.


My fundamental mission is to serve as a catalyst for environmental awareness and conservation. I had formal training as a Commercial Illustrator. The process of painting is something so intimately personal I felt compelled to discover that on my own. I strive to practice the art of ‘Paying it Forward’ by donating proceeds from an art sale to conservation or shelter organizations.

The sustainability of our planet is a complex issue and I believe art has the influence to raise awareness, to inspire future generations to implement change. The primary focus of my art is our natural environment. I have a steadfast commitment to preserving and protecting our precious natural heritage. Climate change is threatening our future and it’s my belief that through my artistic practice I can spread the message. 

“Since early childhood I have had a passion for art and nature. At the start of each new work I reflect on all that I have learned and never take for granted all the blessings that have been put before me.”


Special Achievements: 

I have received two separate fellowship grants from the Delaware Division of the Arts; 2008 - Emerging Professional Fellowship, 2013 - Fellowship in the Professional Artist category. I maintain signature status in both the Artists for Conservation and the American Society of Marine Artists. I am also a member of the Ocean Artists Society and the Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington, D.C.