The Artist

"The driving force of my work is to share with the viewer the inherent aesthetic beauty that all living things possess, be it raging surf or a tranquil pond. I want to express my excitement over the incredible things I am so fortunate to encounter. I strive to capture the natural setting by experiencing it first hand. What I find so amazing are interactions with the natural world that I would have otherwise missed, i.e. the company of a little fox or a conversation with a proud raven. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

I have a strong commitment to express the urgency of protecting and promoting conservation by donating portions of my sales to conservation causes. Climate change is threatening our future and it’s my belief that through our artistic practice we can spread the message. The sustainability of our planet is a complex issue and I believe art has the influence to raise awareness, to inspire future generations to implement change.

Recent Artwork