"A significant proportion of Michael's art reflects his concern for the welfare of the natural world. "

A significant proportion of Michael's art reflects his concern for the welfare of the natural world. A five year project initiated in 1978, and supported by the Canadian government's Canadian Explorations Program depicted Canadian Endangered Species. This collection formed the core of a 1981 exhibit on the same theme at the prestigious McMichael Canadian Collection in Kleinberg, Ontario. In 1987, a series on endangered birds of prey was created in conjunction with the Wildlife '87 Conservation Fund. Michael has also produced paintings to promote and raise funds for many diverse conservation groups, including The World Wildlife Fund, Ducks Unlimited, The Nature Conservancy of Canada, Canadian Parks Partnership, The Ontario Federation of anglers and Hunters, and The International Council for the Preservation of Birds. A series depicting rare, endangered, and extinct birds of the world, and another dedicated to the Short-tailed albatross were completed under the auspices of Suntory Corporation and the Wild Bird Society of Japan.

Conservation Projects & Causes

On the Brink 2023

On the Brink replaces The Real World Conservation Trust's usual Sketch for Survival Invitational Collection. It will be more exclusive than the usual 100 piece collection, with only 15-20 artworks for sale. This carefully curated collection of art pieces will exclusively feature threatened species The collection will be exhibited at The Dundas St. Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the OXO Gallery on London's Southbank, England in October/Novembe this year before the online auction. *Michael's contribution of artwork to this fund raiser will be added to this announcement upon it's...

Create Conservation Project/Cause - Interview with Kathryn Lloyd in 2 parts | Michael Dumas

The Master Secrets

In this exclusive interview, Michael's thoughts on conservation, his appreciation and support of AFC and its extensive effort in conservation and public education is very evident. The two part presentation provides a personal glimpse into a lifetime of passionate creating and personal values influencing his art and his desire for positive change in the minds of people regarding the wellfare of the natural world.

Create Conservation Project/Cause - ATIM Live Stream Celebration of Earth Day 2022 | Michael Dumas

A Call For Mother Earth

Following his Earth Day article in the 2022 Spring issue of ATIM, Michael is part of a live broadcast on Earth Day, where he was interviewed by Viviana Puello. In this revealing discussion, Michael's love of nature and his willingness to contribute his time, artwork, and support of a great many conservatiion causes throughout his career is clearly evident. At age 72 he remains a tireless champion for the welfare of the earth's habitats and the wildlife that call it home.

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Earth Day Special Edition - Michael Dumas in Art Tour International Magazine | Michael Dumas

Earth Day Special Edition

Renewing the Message of Earth Day for 2022 Art Tour International Magazine hosts Artists for a Green Planet. With over 2 million readers worldwide, ATIM and it's participating artists join more than 1 billion people engaging in activities worldwide to draw attention to the urgency of the climate crisis, environmental degradations, and the need for immediate action. 

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> EDGE3 2023 Calendar - Out of the Boardroom and into Nature | Michael Dumas

EDGE3 2023 Calendar

In addition to encouraging individuals and corporations to increase their awareness and support of conservation and environmental protection, EDGE3 is making a charitable donation to Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary on behalf of all the artists involved.'

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Kawartha Arts Council - Conservation and Environmental Newsletter | Michael Dumas

Kawartha Arts Council

The Kawartha Arts Council's mandate is far reaching, dealing not only with the display and support of local art and artists, but also a variety of issues affecting social and cultural development in the area. Conservation and the environment, especially as related to waterways and wetlands in the region are so important to both economic and individual welfare. It is a concern requiring a grass roots awareness and support from residents and visitors alike.

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Blood Lions: - South Africa Billboard Project | Michael Dumas

Blood Lions:

Donation of artwork images for public awareness program in the form of roadside billboards in South Africa. Two images provided' The Young Prince - Lion Cub and Played Out - Lion Cub.

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> The Real World Conservation Trust: Sketch for Survival (USA) - Hosted by Explorers against Extinction | Michael Dumas

The Real World Conservation Trust: Sketch for Survival (USA)

*This is the premiere of Sketch for Survival fund raising event in North America, preceded by a long history of annual events in Europe. Funds raised supports selected front line conservation projects.