The Artist

"The underlying purpose of creating has to do with why certain objects inspire attention in the first place, or how they might be used to express a concept. The greater connection between object and idea, the more insightful the work will be, the more truth it will reveal, and not just about the thing painted but about the artist as well. It is all about thinking and feeling. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Michael's art is characterized by masterful drawing, and an unusual sensitivity to the subtleties of detail, form, colour, and composition. Wildlife Art magazine founder, Robert J. Koenke acknowledges both the uniqueness and international recognition of Dumas' art when he says, ' I can recognize a Michael Dumas work from across a room, or pick it out from among a crowd of other artists. His art is invariably stimulating as well as interesting. Even his drawings are masterpieces. His style is unique, and through it he has made his mark in the art world. This is something every artist must work toward in their career if they are to attain greatness.

Recent Artwork