Swift Summer

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Swift Summer

28.00cm H x 28.50cm W
Colored pencil
Year Completed:
Eurasion Swifts.
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$1,000 USD

The Eurasian swift’s home is the sky itself,and this adaptable bird may be seen over almost any habitat except dense woodland. It favors areas of human settlement, which offer ideal nesting sites. Most swifts nest under the eaves of houses, in church towers or on other high buildings. Lakes and gravel pits also attract large flocks of swifts because they provide ideal breeding conditions for the flying insects on which the birds feed.
The swift also uses cliff ledges and tree hollows to nest. Such sites are also ideal resting sites during the Eurasian swift’s long migrations to and from Africa, where it spends the winter.

The Eurasian swift is hunted in its African winter quarters, but it has benefited greatly from human settlement. However, its numbers are difficult to census and its status is uncertain.

What I do observe here in the UK is that the numbers are down year on year......... 

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