The Artist

"  I believe the human mammal has found it increasingly more difficult to move away from our fast evolving & more technological ‘world’, where the environment is badly damaged in our thirst for knowledge, and is neglected to the point of justification & denial. What I strive to do in my portrayal of Nature, is to bring the onlooker into the subject's world using basic human instincts such as pity, without being sentimental, whilst at the same time illustrating a little of the fascinating detail that the Natural world has to offer. Also subtly lurking in the background of my work, is an impending sense of impermanence, which although I am an optimist, reflects what I feel is happening today in mankind's global society. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Nick is an award winning wildlife artist & has been professional for over 30 years - and seeks to inspire people around the world as to the wonders of the Natural World. He has raised money for conservation charities in the UK, USA, and Australia. He has developed a technique that is original only to his work, a method of embossed lines onto a linen board, the crayon medium is applied over that. This gives him the level of detail that he thinks the beauty of nature deserves.

Recent Artwork