"I began my professional commitment to conservation at the age of 14 when I was hired to teach merit badges at a scout camp in Washington State. I taught Nature, Forestry, Wildlife Management, Bird Study, Reptile Study, and Fishing. I majored in Wildlife Biology and Resource Ecology at my three institutions of higher learning: Washington State University, University of Arizona, & University of Michigan and have dedicated my entire adult life to conservation and education. "

The Granite Dells of Prescott is the iconic landscape for this central Arizona city, but it is under threat of development from all sides. I am co-founder of the Granite Dells Preservation Foundation ( and Save the Dells political action committee (, complementary organizations working to protect land and create a greater Granite Dells Park & Preserve. I use hundreds of my photographs and my artwork to help this cause, and I speak out at every opportunity. 

I am also a founding member of the board of directors (the original chair) of Biocultural Conservation Institute (BCI), and I use my writing, social media, photography, and paintings to raise money for two projects in Uganda and one in Kenya.

Conservation Projects & Causes

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Joint Efforts for Green Mountain Initiative

After visiting Uganda in 2019, I became aware of the plight of the Batwa pygmies, who were forcibly evicted without compensation at the creation of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. These hunter-gatherers were left without land or livelihood, and they have suffered horribly as a result. Occasionally, in desperation, they have gone back into the Bwindi park to obtain food, where they are treated as “poachers” if they do so. The protection of half the world’s population of Mountain Gorillas depends a great deal on getting local buy-in through community-based conservation. That’s why I...

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Save the Dells

Our vision is that all residents of Central Yavapai County, including area leaders, are informed and engaged in decisions that reflect our values, promote continued open space conservation, result in science-informed sustainable water-management policies, and address the concerns of the public regarding growth, thereby enabling all members of our diverse community to achieve a good quality of life while preserving natural ecosystems.


Save the Dells started as the...

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Spring for the Dells Art Show & Auction

Close to a rapidly growing city (Prescott, Arizona), the Granite Dells is a geologic wonderland that supports a functioning natural ecosystem and provides abundant high-quality, low-impact recreational opportunities. However, much of the landscape remains in private hands is vulnerable to development. The Granite Dells Preservation Foundation is dedicated to protecting as much as possible of this landscape and providing ecological and historical interpretation to the public.