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24.00" H x 36.00" W
Year Completed:
Green Sea Turtle
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Artist will donate 10% to See Turtles from sale of this work.
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$970 USD

To see things clearly from a wholistic point of view is to have full true sight. Yet when we think of the term sight we think of how well our eyes work, not how well our our vision is aligned with our heart. If we were to see to world with compassion and love we would truly see the heaven that surrounds us. We would see the beauty in the simplest things that cross our paths every day, hour, minute and second. We would see that everyone is the same no matter their race, gender, religion, or form of sexuality. That we are all here to love and spread that love and joy, not to hate or dominate one another. 


To have clear vision is to be aware of all sides of every issue through the eyes of love. That everything we are exposed to allows us to grow, and allows us the opportunity to heal the wrongs. Allows us to give forgiveness, and most of all to find the love for ourselves with everything we are exposed to and have lived through. All of these life stories make us wiser, they give us another perspective, another way to see events so that we may see the healing opportunities they have presented to us. To have vision is to see everything with love, compassion, hope, and forgiveness. It allows us to surround ourselves with peace and serenity. 

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