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24.00" H x 36.00" W
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Sea Turtle
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To live life with purpose is to have the feeling of being determined to do or achieve something. It is living each moment as if it matters as much as the next. As if each breath you draw in, is not just for the pure need to sustain life, but it is required to set up the future moments to unfold. When we ourselves are not living each moment with purpose we will begin to live life as a bystander who is just going through the motions of living. To live with purpose it is not about advancing and focusing on what your needs are for personal gain. It is about living each moment for the greater good. By putting the effort into making a difference with ourselves and helping others who grace our lives, we will succeed further than we could ever imagine. Living this way will allow us to have joy, love, and a meaningful life. Is this not what we all want? 


Sea turtles live their lives peacefully, as long as they have their favourite bed along the ocean floor and food to eat they seem to carry on in life with grace. Yet within this form of heaven, they are subject to what we do to the waters that they live in. It is thought that the chemicals, especially the fertilizers that we allow to enter the oceans, contribute to the abnormal growths that occur on some turtles; these growths are a form of herpes virus, which become life-threatening when they occur near a turtle’s eyes and mouth. 


This painting was based off Kaipua, L-32, Ocean Flower and although we do not know its gender yet as it is too young to determine, on its skin is one of these herpes growths. In this case, this growth is what makes this turtle stand out among all the rest, this growth is seen as more of a flower which is why it received its name as, Ocean Flower. Kaipua basks on the north shore of Laniakea Beach in Oahu, Hawaii.

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