Inner Light

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Inner Light

20.00" H x 24.00" W
Year Completed:
Green Sea Turtle
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Artist will donate 10% to Canadian Wildlife Federation from sale of this work.
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$550 USD

To live by the light that we hold within ourselves can be a fully freeing experience. The light given off by the stars in our solar system are actually the glow from over thousands of years ago, after the star has gone super nova. Just as some may see the star’s light as seeing ghosts, our inner light may reach others to inspire them to see things differently long after we have left this planet. In a sense we too become a ghost of beautiful light to those that see all the beauty we left behind. This is our greatest gift we can give ourselves. We can become a beacon to lead the way for others to follow, and make even greater discoveries than we did. It is extremely important that in times when we are consumed by the darkness that surrounds us, to bring our attention to the light that resides within us so that we can see our beacon of truth. 

 This painting was created to honour Schoona the green sea turtle that has made Vancouver Aquarium it's home. 

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