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24.00" H x 36.00" W
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Sea Turtle, Leather back sea turtle
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Artist will donate 10% to Canadian Wildlife Federation from sale of this work.
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$960 USD

PHOTO CREDIT: Canadian Sea Turtle Network


Breathing seems like a simple act of air exchange that our bodies do without thought. But if we are to realize the moments that we need to breathe, we may see that we do not stop to take enough of them in our day to day activities. When we stop to take a breath; we need to realize that we are in need of a pause from our external and/or internal environment. We are in need of inner solitude. We are in need of placing that pause button on life so that we can grasp what is happening to us and around us. By stopping to breathe we are giving ourselves that moment to be at one with ourselves, and realize what really matters. If anything, by stopping to take a breath and breathe we are coming to terms that we are still alive on this earth, and this is such a blessing!


This painting is based off of an image that I was so lucky to be given he rights to paint from by the Canadian Sea Turtle Network of one of the Leatherback sea turtles that Swim and feed off the eastern shores of Canada, in the Atlantic ocean. These sea turtles are one of the largest sea turtles in the oceans today, as they can grow up to 8 feet long and weigh up to 900 kilograms (200 pounds). These turtles do not come ashore to sun like the green sea turtle as they spend most of their life at sea, in the fact the males never return to shore once they make it to the ocean, females only come ashore to lay their eggs.

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