"Having a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a strong focus in animal behaviour I find passion in striving to create a more educated public for the animals that we share this earth with. Most of my conservation work and educational efforts are in helping the conservation organizations that I have come into contact with with my personal journey to discover the green sea turtle. I believe that we need to strive to keep the sea turtle a part of our oceans for they are a key stone spieces and without them our oceans would suffer. It is amazing to think that the sea turtle makes such an impact on the earth no matter where we live! "

I donate prints for silent auctions as well as a portion of profits from my personal sales of my sea turtle artwork to several organizations. The conservations that I currently work with are, Malama na Honu, Turtle Island Restoration Network and the Canadian Sea Turtle Network. With my most recent artwork I will include information about the individual turtle I painted if their identity is known; this information may be facts about the turtle's nesting locations, age, name, dive stats etc. If I do not know about the animal featured, I will send information about the turtle species with the painting. To further educating the public I will conduct talks when ever possible in conjunction of the display of my artwork. I have already written an article for the the Malama na Honu's newsletter and in 2019 I published my first book 'Journey to the Sea Turtle'. 'Journey to the Sea Turtle' takes the reader to each of the locations I have gathered my reference photos of the various sea turtles I have painted and highlights the paintings that were created from this journey.

Conservation Projects & Causes

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Sea Turtle Conservation

I regularly conduct art conservation talks to various groups and work with several sea turtle conservation societies where I donate portions of my profits to them annually. Through my support I hope to help them educate others around the world so that we can see these creatures leave the endangered species list. It's through the artwork that I create that I hope to inspire others to see the beauty that exists in our world. It's time for us to begin taking care of our earth and the creatures that exist with us.