Carleen resides in Sherwood Park, Alberta and spends time at her family vineyard in Edgewood, British Columbia. Her work is seen as being full of colour, as she creates paintings to illustrate to others how she sees the world around her. Her work can be seen across Canada; Kentucky, California, Florida, Kansas, New Jersey, Hawaii, and Washington in the United States; in Verona, Italy and in Portugal.


While she holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with a strong focus in animal behaviour, she uses this education to raise awareness about green sea turtles. Carleen uses her art and education to help with conservations efforts, and she donates profits from her limited edition art prints to help protect these endangered animals. Through her artwork she works with the Turtle Island and Restoration Network, from California and the Malama na Honu, from Hawaii who are dedicated to protect the green sea turtle. In 2018, she made a partnership to work with the Canadian Sea Turtle Organization to expand her work to include the Leatherback sea turtle.  


Carleen raises awareness and conveys facts of the green sea turtle and provides give meaningful insight to each of the pieces illustrating the fragility and strengths of the human spirit. 

Support for Conservation: 

Carleen focuses her conservation efforts to helping educate others on the sea turtles that grace our world's waters. When ever possible she tries to connect with conservation groups that work towards educating the public on the issues that the different sea turtles face, so that we may one day see these amazing animals leave the endangered species lists! She spends a great deal of time to educated herself on the different sea turtles she paints, so that she may share information with others and in turn do her part in making this world a better place for them. The organizations that she personally support are the Canadian Sea Turtle Network (Leatherback sea turtles) and Malama na Honu (Green Sea Turtle)!

Special Achievements: 

Carleen has written articles for the Malama na Honu magazine on her passion for the green sea turtle.

In 2019 Carleen published her first book 'Journey to the Sea Turtle', which is available through the artist herself and Amazon.