SoCal Parrot rescue, rehab, release AND repatriate wild parrots

SoCal Parrot
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SoCal Parrot was founded to bridge the gap of care and consideration for Southern California's wild parrot populations, and to act as a resource for wild parrot conservation and education.
Wednesday, 6 March, 2024

SoCal Parrot is a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center, founded to bridge the gap of care and consideration for wild, naturalized parrots. They are also a resource for wild parrot conservation, education, and protections. What does that mean? Rescue and rehabilitate wild parrots from Southern California, and release them back into the urban wild when they are healthy again.

Now, even more urgent is the placement of wild parrots who have been confiscated from wildlife trafficking. There are no facilities in the USA that are able to care for large numbers of young or debilitated parrots. SoCal Parrot has stepped up, and as a partner to USFWS, California authorities, and other agencies involved with live confiscated wildlife, provides care, rehabilitation, and preparation to be released to the wild in their native lands. A true act of conservation to prevent the unfornate and abused victims of a greedy and cruel crime from entering the pet trade and rather prepare them for liberty and release as wild beings.


"Back in 2005, before SCP was conceived, our founder Brooke was working with Project Wildlife in San Diego. At the time, adult wild parrots that were brought into the PW Care Center were humanely put down, and nestlings were given to volunteers to keep as pets. Although these birds are very much wild animals, there was no protocol in place for their long-term care and eventual release back into the wild. That's when Brooke decided that she and her husband, Josh, would start a small rescue dedicated exclusively to the naturalized wild parrots in San Diego. Fast-forward a decade or so later, and SoCal Parrot has grown into a successful wild parrot rehabilitation organization. Since 2014, we have increased our intake and release numbers exponentially. We partner with other rescues throughout Southern California to ensure critical cases can be triaged or seen by an avian vet while they await transport to our facility in San Diego. It truly is a labor of love, and we are very proud of all that SCP has accomplished so far!"

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