The Artist

"Dr. Latas has been dedicated to conservation in both artistic and scientific endeavors for more than 40 years. Beginning as a young biologist performing ecological modelling and working with experts in climate change more than 40 years ago, she has seen the incessant grinding degradation of the environment, exactly according to those old predictions. She works tirelessly in leadership roles in several organizations to promote conservation, and over the years has donated thousands of dollars worth of artwork for many fundraising projects. She is a member of several Scientific Illustration organizations and regularly exhibits. Her works appear internationally, from Portugal, London, New York, California, Australia and other countries around the world. In
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Dr. Pat Latas serves as a volunteer in consultations for avian health welfare and well-being; across the spectrum from global and local wildlife veterinary issues, local bird hoarding cases, confiscated animal welfare and evaluation of wild, naturalized urban parrots. Her artwork is adjuct and supportive of these efforts, using primarily digital simulation of traditional art techniques, and illustrating conservation issue and themes. She donates art for fundraising to many organizations. Her interests are primarily avian subject material, specifically psittacine topics.

Recent Artwork