The Artist

"My aim is to accurately portray my subjects and to highlight the beauty and majesty of our amazing wild cousins, to help build a connection between the viewer and the natural world. "

Born and raised in South Africa, nature and wildlife has always been a great passion for me.  I have a Masters in Conservation Biology from the University of Cape Town and now work on climate change impacts and adaptation in the Torres Strait, a group of islands situated between mainland Australia and Papua New Guinea.

I'm a self-taught artist in as much as I haven't attended formal training, but I have learnt an enormous amount by studying the style and techniques of other artists.

I enjoy working in a wide range of mediums and | enjoy the descipline of the old master approach to painting.  I've dabbled in most media from graphite, coloured pencil, egg tempura, watercolours, acrylics, chalk pastel and oils. Each has their own particular strengths and weaknesses of course, but I find the subject I'm working on often dictates which medium I choose.

Conservation of nature has always been important for me and I have worked in the conservation field in one way or another most of my life.  It is with despair that I watch the fabric of our natural world continuing to be torn apart by the machinery of our global economy, but the fight for nature must go on in every way possible.

Recent Artwork