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Saturday, 7 September, 2019

Artwork donation 100% Painting Sira Curassow 8" x 8"


Status: Critically Endangered



Genus: Pauxi 

Species: koepckeae

 Population trend: decreasing

Authority: Weske & Terborgh, 1971


Painting Information

Medium: Acrylics

Artist Statement: 

The Sira Curassow is a bird endemic to the Sira Communal reserve in Central Peru. The bird inhibits kind of higher regions of the rainforests. Unfortunately the Sira is a deforestration hotspot and the Sira Curassow already listed as critically endangered species. The pressure of the overall population is high, since hunting and climate change also increase the risk of losing this species, which shows a very slow reproduction rate. Furthermore more research work is necessary to understand the needs of this unique species as well for habitat protection.