Monarch Beauty

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Monarch Beauty

6.25" H x 9.50" W
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Monarch Butterfly
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$1,800 USD

The story of the migration of monarch butterflies to a forest in Michoacan, México to congregate on the oyamel fir tree captured me and made me especially fond of these beautiful creatures. They will travel 3000 miles and never return but it will take generations to make the trip. Although not yet declared endangered, the decline in milkweed plants across the United States and Canada has threatened the wellbeing of the Monarchs. This species lay their eggs on the milkweed plants during their migration and when they hatch, consume large amounts of the plant. The increased demand for avocados grown in México has triggered the replacement of the wintering grounds of the Monarch with avocado plantations. I love butterflies and wanted to spend the time to honor this species. I used watercolors and acrylics.

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Monarch Beauty | Giclee (signed/numbered) 100 6.25" H x 9.50" W $300.00 USD

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