Arizona Artists

Arizona Artists, an article appearing in the latest Southwest ART Magazine, page 84 shows two of my recent paintings:

Portrait of a Lady in oil, and Detoured for Nesting, in acrylic and oil. "Lady" is a female hooded oriole in mesquite branches. These orioles migrate back and forth between Mexico and the Southwest US. "Detoured" is a Greater Roadrunner building a nest in among the fronds of a prickly pear cactus. Their current status is least concern.

Art of Arizona

Art of Arizona ( southwest ART magazine, Dec 2019 Jan 2020) features current artists of the state in an article found on pages 84 - 94. Lynn Waltke's art is top left on page 85. Her statement is under her featured oil "Home Is Where the Heart Is" , a delightful painting of a grey arboreal fox high up in the arms of a saguaro.

Nurturing Nature

Western Art Collector featured the Art Show Preview "Nurturing Nature" about Artists for Conservation Festival 2019. Lynn Waltke's "Death By Beauty  casques, poachers, traffickers "appeared on page 101. An ad on the next page featured her oil "Home Is Where the Heart Is".

Flying the Nest

Flying the Nest by John O'Hern, an article under Winged Creatures: Art of the Bird apppeared in the August 2019 issue of Western Art Collector magazine, pages 76 - 80. Lynn Waltke is quoted on page 80, and her Chance Encounter, an oil of three ladder-backed woodpeckers is on page 78.