Ute was born in and resides in Magdeburg, Germany. Particularly in her childhood her father directed her eyes to see the beauty and the preservation of the nature. Already in her school time the art was fascinating her. More than 20 years ago she discovered the material silk for her artwork. This was her discovery to get out the silk painting for the wildlife art. The technical of silk painting is difficult because it needs a different construction. It is not possible to correct some light effects. Another difficulty at the end of painting is she has to fix her artwork and then some colors are changing. So every artwork is an experiment to the end. To bring her nature experiences on the softness material silk is the fascinating of her artworks. She walks daily through the nature and looked out for her motives. Some Study journeys bring her to the USA, Dutch, France, Great Britain and other. She is Member of the : Crane Conservation Germany (Kranichschutz Deutschland),  SAA - Society of Animal Artists AFC - Artist for Conservation,  Sustaining Member of the Museum Heineanum Germany

Support for Conservation: 

Museum Heineanum Halberstadt, Germany

Ornitological Group of the Museum of Nature History Magdeburg, Germany

Kranichschutz Deutschland