"The narrative for wildlife is a lot bleaker than it once was. It’s time that art reflected that.   "

What makes you get up for work in the morning? As a wildlife artist I sometimes feel I am trying to capture the vibrant beauty of our natural world before it disappears forever – a very real risk on our current trajectory. So to keep myself sane I have always tried to make my art work for conservation and to support emerging young artists, but that side of the work requires investment of time without financial return.

To that end I recently launched a Patreon account:

If you share with me the conviction that art can touch hearts and minds and help convince people of the urgency, please sign up. I have included tiered rewards as a ‘thank you’, but the biggest reward is knowing that you are supporting a deeper dive into communicating conservation.  


Is Wildlife Art Really Working For Wildlife?

Read my article in BBC Wildlife Magazine where I question the role of wildlife artists in the modern age.


Conservation Projects & Causes

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Frankie's story: 

I have been told that every time l had my breakfast, lunch and dinner last year, a rhino was killed by poachers in South Africa. This year it looks like even more rhinos are being killed every single day. As I thought about this and about how there are only three northern white rhinos left in the whole entire world it made me think that I have to tell people that extinction is real. That I might never get to see a rhino in my life. That poaching has to stop.

One night, at dinner, I told my Dada and my Mama about my plan. I told them I had been thinking and...