Charm and Elegance

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Charm and Elegance

16.00" H x 24.00" W
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American Wigeons
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Artist will donate 10% to Ducks Unlimited Canada Inc. from sale of this work.
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$2,400 USD

I got the inspiration to paint this pair while on one of my many visits to the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary.  I find peace when I can surround myself with wildlife and  nature.  At that particular time there was an abundance of other species I was familiar with, with the exception of this lonely pair.  As I never did any previous research on this breed before, I wasn't sure if they were early, late, or supposed to be here at all.  It didn't take long for me to fall in love with their unique beauty and personality.  The female had a very delicate presence and the male had a prominent presence sporting his vibrant breeding plumage, very attentively watching over her.  Fluctuations in their populations are driven by weather and land use changes.  In wet years, reproduction is usually higher than in drought years.  Drought reduces the amount of nesting habitat, pushing them to nest further north.  Loss and degradation of wetland habitat on the breeding and wintering grounds due to agricultural conversion can also affect survival.

This image was chosen for the 2015 Ducks Unlimited Canada Waterfowl Stamp and Print

Available Editions of this Artwork

Edition Info Edition Size Dimensions Edition Price
Limited Edition Canvas | Giclee (signed/numbered) 45 16.00" H x 24.00" W $180.00 USD

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