"I am proud to help conserve our natural world whether it's one animal at a time, or whether it's being part of a larger organization that can help to protect and conserve our natural ecosystems.  I believe that both approaches are necessary.  I feel fortunate to have had my artwork contribute to this effort even in a small way. "

"Mallard" was chosen as Ducks Unlimited Canada 's 2016 National Sponsor print.  "Canard Colvert" a été choisi par Canards Illimités Canada comme Impression Nationale pour Commanditaires en 2016.





Conservation Projects & Causes

Le Nichoir

Le Nichoir provides proper care and treatment for injured or orphaned wild birds and releases them back into their natural habitat.  Le Nichoir also provides advice and information about wild birds and their environment through educational programs and annual public events.

Le Nichoir fournit tous les soins appropriés aux oiseaux sauvages  blessés ou orphelins, puis il les relâche dans leur habitat naturel.  Le Nichoir fournit également des conseils et des renseignements sur les oiseaux sauvages et leur environnement par le biais de programmes éducatifs et d’évènements publics...