On the Reef by Judith and Shandley McMurray

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The purpose of this children's book is to bring conservation awareness to the problem of plastics in our oceans. Things made of plastic, such as plastic bottles, shopping bags and straws can obstruct airways and accumulate in stomachs of ocean animals like seals, dolphins, whales and turtles.
Friday, 15 April, 2016 to Friday, 27 April, 2018

Plastics in our oceans is a huge problem and a hazzard for marine life. In this childrens' book, the plight of a Hawksbill Turtle that got entangled in plastic was rescued by a caring family and brought to safety.


This is the forth children's book by my artist group, The Tobin Island Artists. We've been painting together for over fifteen years and share oor love of art and nature. Proceeds from this book are donated to The Bateman Foundation and the Canadian Wildlife Federation.