"My art is defined by nature including land, water and wildlife.I have a deep respect for the natural world and the wildlife that lives within. Conservation awareness through artistic expression is my gift to nature. "

My art has supported the Canadian Wildlife Federation and The Bateman Foundation. I have collaborated on four childrens' books that have promoted conservation awareness and connecting children to nature.Chucky The Lonely Inukshuk 2009, Larry the Loon 2011, Under your Nose 2015 and On the Reef 2016 by Judith and Shandley McMurray. Proceeds from these books continue to support CWF and The Bateman Foundation.

Conservation Projects & Causes

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On the Reef by Judith and Shandley McMurray

Plastics in our oceans is a huge problem and a hazzard for marine life. In this childrens' book, the plight of a Hawksbill Turtle that got entangled in plastic was rescued by a caring family and brought to safety.

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Under Your Nose by Judith and Shandley McMurray

"Under Your Nose" by Judith and Shandley McMurray was produced together with Robert Bateman and The Tobin Island Artists. The artists and authors of this book are passionate about the importance of connecting our children to nature. Children who play in nature reap the rewards for healthy emotional growth and foster a respect for wildlife and the natural world. In this book, two children explore nature at their grandparent's cottage. A thunderstorm and power outage renders their electronic gadgets useless. They discover through exploration and play all that nature has to offer.

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Larry The Loon by Judith McMurray -  | Susan Gosevitz

Larry The Loon by Judith McMurray

This childrens' book was written to promote conservation awareness about the plight of our loons on our lakes. The Tobin island Artists together with Robert Bateman collaborated on the story and produced original art for this book. The story was based on a true story of an injuried loon found in the bay at our cottage on Lake Rosseau, Muskoka. A boat had hit and injured this loon so it could not fly and dive for its food in the lake. It was fed fish by hand then taken to a wildlife sanctuary. Two endings, one about euthanasia and a happy ending (parents can choose). Careless boating...