"Larry the Loon's legend lives on", The Muskokan, August 13, 2011

Larry the Loon was launched on August 13th & 14th in Port Carling, Ontario in the heart of Muskoka. The launch was very successful with hundreds of people in attendance. The Canadian Wildlife Federation was present along with the author Judy McMurray and my fellow artists from the Tobin Island School of Fine Art; Doug Dunford, Susan Gosevitz, Loretta Rogers, Darcey Sills, Karen Genovese and Dwight Aranha. Larry the loon is already a Canadian best seller with over 5,000 books sold!

On the Saturday evening of the book launch, our artist group was driving home and spotted an injured loon at the side of the road that had struggled there from the water’s edge, tangled in fishing line with a hook embedded in its’ side. We untangled it and removed the hook and after the loon settled downreleased it into the lake swimming to safety. It highlighted our cause which is to bring awareness into the plight of our loons on the Canadian lakes. I believe this is an important children’s book and is a must read for adults and children alike.