The Artist

"Living in the moment with a real connection to life in all of its forms brings a sense of peace not available any other way. As a wildlife artist, I use pencils and pastels to capture through art my awe for the untouched and untainted in today’s pressurized world. My works express the innocent emotions of animals and children who explore the world as one with unlimited possibilities, unaware of the barriers that hold us back from our own happiness. Whether my subjects are humorous or striking or dramatic, the end result is always intimate and inspiring.   "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

With a strong science background and a love of art, I spend my time volunteering with nature and wildlife organizations while using my art to expand understanding of our world. My current project is the first annual St Louis County Plein Air Festival which celebrates the tradition of outdoor painting combining art and science in its most natural format. Awareness of nature and conservation in our own backyards is critical to making a difference in the environment. This project highlights the "hidden gems" in our own backyard. 

Recent Artwork