Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush

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Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush

8.00" H x 8.00" W
Year Completed:
Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush (Myophonus blighi)
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Artist will donate 15% to BirdLife International from sale of this work.
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$950 USD

The Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush is a secretive, ground-dwelling bird found only in dense mountain forests above 2900 ft. (900 m) in Sri Lanka. It prefers habitat close to streams, especially those in ravines and gorges. They build nests on rock ledges and in the forks of trees near waterfalls and fast moving water. Serious threats to this species are the extensive clearance and degradation of mountain forests for agriculture, single crop plantations and gem mining. This painting was created for the AFC Silent Skies mural to raise awareness about endangered birds of the world and support organizations that strive to protect them.

Available Editions of this Artwork

Edition Info Edition Size Dimensions Edition Price
Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush | Open Edition (signed) Open 8.00" H x 8.00" W $100.00 USD

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