Awards & Achievements

  • Jul, 2018

    Botanical Art Worldwide, initiated by the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA), brings 25 countries from around the world together to celebrate global plant diversity by creating exhibitions of plants native to their home regions. Artists around the world have contributed to this project to build partnerships between artists, institutions, scientists, and the public, with the goal of raising awareness of both the beauty of botanical species and botanical art. The "Art of the Plant" is Canada's contribution to this groundbreaking exhibit. It is on display at the Canadian Museum of Nature, Stone Wall Gallery in Ottawa, Ontario until October, 2018. Both of Vicky's paintings showcasing species from British Columbia, Canada were juried into this exhibition: Western Fairy Orchid (Calypso bulbosa var. occidentalis) and Garry Oak Leaves (Quercus garryana).

  • Apr, 2018

    'White-bellied African Sunbird and Bird of Paradise Flower' is juried in to the 2018 Artists for Conservation Annual Exhibition, on display at the Vancouver Convention Centre, on display in conjunction with the 27th International Ornithological Congress, August 19-26.

  • Jan, 2018

    Vicky is accepted as a Signature member to the Artists for Conservation. 'Echeveria Succulent and Hummingbird' is juried in to the virtual exhibition of the Artists for Conservation exhibit in conjunction with the 27th International Ornithological Congress, 2018. This painting highlights the importance of different habitats for the survival of migratory birds. This flower is specialized for hummingbird pollination, and is a critical food source during their migration. Hummingbirds, in return, serve as pollen couriers between plant populations - transferring flower pollen between plants over large geographical areas - making hummingbirds a “mobile keystone species” .

  • Sep, 2017

    Duets: The Dance of Symbiotic Relationships is a solo exhibition of interpretative, educational panels that highlight unique plant adaptations and unusual relationships with insects, animals and humans. The project aims to bring attention to the interactive dance of two distinct species in nature that, together, creates harmonic relationships allowing life to move forward. This project’s goal is to promote educational awareness of the interdependence of species within tropical ecosystems, as well as our own dependence on plants. The goals are to heighten public understanding, pique curiosity, and generate an emotional connection with incredible stories that unfold every day in rainforests around the world.


  • Dec, 2016

    Vicky's Wax-tail Hopper is one of two paintings juried into the Focus On Nature XIV Exhibition at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute, New York, sponsored by the New York State Museum. This piece was created to share the incredible ingenuity of nature and the wonderful world of insects. The intricate tail is made of waxes secreted by the insect for protection, making each hopper unique in its presentation. Females also protect newly laid clutches of eggs with this wax. Wax-tail Hopper is now part of the New York State Museum's permanent collection.

  • Oct, 2016

    Vicky is awarded the Anne Ophelia Dowden Art and Education Grant sponsored by the American Society of Botanical Artists. Recipient projects must show careful observation and scientifically accurate portrayal of plants; focus on specific techniques for portraying plants and botanical art; and provide educational materials developed in conjunction with public exhibition for the benefit and promotion of botanical art.