The Artist

"My preference is realism painted in oil mostly.  I am fascinated by the challenge of rendering an image that appears three-dimensional with the attention to detail necessary despite the frustrations that this process evokes.   My paintings are deeply personal  – reflecting my love of the natural world as well as objects and scenes that evoke personal memories.     "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Margit Sampogna paints in oils primarily and has been heavily influenced by the Renaissance, Dutch masters and European painters of the 19thcentury.  Her subject matter reflects her personal encounters in her daily life be it birds, animals, nature or interesting "stuff" that evoke personal memories. A botanical theme is frequently observed reflecting her passion for the natural world and its preservation. She enjoys realism as a painting style as she is captivated by the effect of light on form and colour.

Margit has always been a strong supporter of local conservation efforts including preservation of existing green space and coexisting with local wildlife.  She has a special interest in birds and sharing this passion with friends and neighbours in an effort to educate and spread the word about strategies to sustain healthy bird populations. 

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