I have been exploring art from an early age but only in the past few years have I been drawn to the watercolor challenge.  So much magic can happen with this medium.  Expanding my repertoire of painting techniques is my current focus.  It is a rare day when I do not pick up a paint brush!  

My grandfather was a wildlife artist and probably gave me my first art supplies. Instruction began for me at the Art Institute of Chicago but then life took over and although I kept an art hand in through the years it was only after retirement that I began to pick up my brushes again, with the emphasis on COLOR!  Nature is always an inspiration.  I am an outside person, avid gardener, walker and nature lover.  The luck of living in a wooded area with a couple of ponds supplies limitless subjects.

Support for Conservation: 

My husband and I own prairie and wetland property in a conservation stewardship program.  Removing non-native and invasive species as well as establishing native trees and plants is a continuing goal. We are active members of  The Land Conservancy of McHenry County and their annual seed gathering program.  My artwork has been featured in TLC's annual Art of the Land sale/exhibit with donated commissions and I regularly donate art for auction to benefit this group.  In 2016 I was the top selling artist for TLC.   Friends of Volo Bog is another membership I maintain and for which my paintings in their annual Bogs in Art exhibit/sale (images must depict bog plants) result in donated commissions.   McHenry County Conservation District and McHenry County Audubon are other local associatiosn to which I have donated art for auction to benefit the group.  Participation in programs offered by each of these groups  and charitable conributions to them is ongoing. 

“Nature is my inspiration” has long been true as to my watercolor paintings.  Even the surface – Terraskin paper – is an ecologically friendly product  as it is made from stone and not paper.  My method is to pour a background and then look for a subject which is always nature.    Raised in the country, the daughter of a veterinarian and granddaughter of a wildlife artist, their loves were early and continuing influences. 

Special Achievements: 
  • Best of Watercolor (Splash 22) “Crane Trio” 2021
  • "Untamed Nature," feature artist article, Watercolor Artist magazine, winter 2022
  • The Hilliard Society of Miniaturists, Wells, Somerset, England, 2018 qualification, 2019 Mike Titterton Award, 2021, 2022
  • National Watercolor Society 2021 Members Exhibition “Hillside Tree”
  • Qingdao, China, Missouri Watercolor Society 2018 International Exhibition
  • Artists for Conservation ( signature membership 2017, 2020 calendar painting (“Nest”), 2021 “Life Mates Matter”, "Mountain MintBuzz" 2022
  • Freeport Art Museum, 14th Annual Regional Juried Exhibition, 2017, 2018, “For the Birds” 2021Freeport, IL
  • Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington, D.C. Annual International Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature, 2016-2017-2018/3d Place Watermedia, 2019, 2020 3d Place Watermedia, 2021
  • Council for the Arts, Chambersburg, PA 34th Annual Miniature Art Exhibit 2018
  • Mountainside Art Guild, 14th Annual Miniature Art Exhibit, Lakewood, Co, 3rd place in show, 2018, 2d place in show 2021
  • "Small Matters," Creative Fine Arts Center, St. Charles, IL. Sept/Oct2021
  • "On the Wing," Creative Fine Arts Center, St. Charles, IL June-July 2022
  • "Naming the Unspoken," National Fine Art Exhibition, Lakeside Legacy Arts Park, Crystal Lake, IL 2018
  • Colors of Humanity Art Gallery/Botanicals 2015
  • Richeson 75 International Still Life & Floral 2015-20, Animals, Birds & Wildlife 2015-20, Small Works 2016-19
  • International Miniature Fine Art Show,  Rattner Museum, Tarpon Springs, FL 2015, 2017-1st in Floral & Botanical, 2018-3rd in Floral & Botanical; Dunedin, FL 2016, 2021
  • Parklane Gallery-Kirkland, WA   Annual International Juried Miniature Show, 2016-7-9, 2021
  • Heartland Art Guild, International Miniature Show, Paola KS 2016-8
  • HCC Ybor City Performing Arts, Tampa, FL 2015 “The Message is the Medium” (silk)
  • Women's Works, Woodstock, IL 2013-5&7& 2018/Second Place in Show
  • Art of the Land, The Land Conservancy of McHenry County, IL   2013-20, "Best of Show" 2017-2021
  • Bogs in Art, Volo, IL 2012-8; Avian Art, 2019
  • Creek Gallery, Crystal Lake, IL 2013-7
  • Norris Gallery "Watercolor 2017" - St. Charles, IL
  • Illinois Watercolor Society 2017 National Exhibition, Dixon, IL Outstanding Abstract Non-Representational Award for "Hedgerow" – 2019 signature status; 2021 ‘Blue Cow” National Show
  • “The ARTIST'S Magazine” January 2015 (“Orchid Zen”)
  • Sierra Gallery, Elizbeth Specht Memorial Miniatures Show, Mariposa, CA 2017
  • Cheap Joe's art supply 2014 catalog featured my “Pumpkin Splendor” watercolor on yupo painting in its Customer Art section.
  • The Farm Show, Lake County Discovery Museum 2012
  • University of Wisconsin, Regional Arts Programs:
  • University of Wisconsin, Regional Arts Programs:

    State Awards: Janesville 2014-6; Greendale, 2014; Burlington, 2015-9, Sun Prairie 2015-9

    2020 “Sandhills Panorama” State Award and Agricultural Hall one year exhibit honor

    2018 Chinese Fine Art Association Award for “Gull on Rocks”

    2016 Emma Miller Artistic Excellence Award for “Walking Tree”

    ”Tiny Treasures Calendar:   Cover for 2016; Month of June 2015&7

    2014 Julie Chang Artistic Excellence Award for “Frogs and Flowers