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"I was first captivated by the rich world of line and tone in graphic art. The shapes that emerge from the unique set of curves and straight lines, interspersed with soft dynamics, are still my favourite. It is no coincidence that many famous artists consider this technique to be the basis of all techniques. I love the simplicity, the broken structure, the "naked truth" of graphics.  The basis for everything must be rock steady drawing skills. Here, the viewers’ eyes should not be distracted by bright colours and an almost kitschy cavalcade of colours. You have to have a good knowledge of anatomy, and of course, being able to draw is no disadvantage. Even today, when I paint, I always draw as a relaxation.   Then, the colours came.  Painting, watercolour
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I was born in Subotica (it is located now in Serbia but it was the southern part of Hungary once) in 1976. After completing secondary education in Budapest, I graduated from the University of Agricultural Sciences in Gödöllő with a degree in Agricultural Engineering in Environmental Management specialising in Game Farming.

I have been interested in wildlife artworks since my secondary school days, and my first attempts at drawing date back to this period. My works are mostly based on native wildlife species, and as I also go outing I can observe the behaviour of my models in their natural habitat. I am self-taught in the field of fine arts. In 2003, I was awarded the Golden Brush-Pen Award for Fine Arts for my graphic and illustrative work. In 2020, I was awarded the Peter Balogh Grand Prize for Art.

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