Endangered Wildlife

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Endangered Wildlife -  | Krister Eide
To support efforts to prevent species from going extinct.
Sunday, 21 April, 2024

With my artwork, I educate school children and community groups about endangered wildlife - in addition to giving them ways to help. 

I support grassroots non-profit organizations directly involved in supporting endangered species. 

For the Cascade Fox, it's Cascades Carnivore - a group that also has been involved with monitoring the return of wolverines to Washington and Canada lynx. 

For birds, my work will support local Audubon societies like Pilchuck Audubon that has instrumental in preserving an important structure for Vaux swift roosting on their long migration journey.  In the case of the bald eagle which is experiencing severe risk from lead toxicity, some donations will be made to the American Eagle Foundation which has been engaged in leading conservation efforts in this area. 

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